08:30 10.04.2024

Truecaller launches a web client for its Android users

21:51 08.04.2024

Now at the top of the App Store, The Eclipse App is a great companion for Monday’s solar eclipse

20:00 08.04.2024

Google rolls out Gemini in Android Studio for coding assistance

19:28 08.04.2024

Google launches its upgraded Find My Device network in the US and Canada

07:00 08.04.2024

Spotify launches personalized AI playlists that you can build using prompts

12:54 07.04.2024

Фильм о Blackberry

18:00 06.04.2024

Price of zero-day exploits rises as companies harden products against hackers

09:46 06.04.2024

Apple changes App Store rules to allow retro game emulators globally

21:49 05.04.2024

Amazon quietly launches Bazaar to sell fast-fashion and lifestyle products in India

17:30 03.04.2024

Storiaverse launches a short-form storytelling app that combines video and written content

17:15 01.04.2024

Ads on Discord, AT&T passcode resets, and podcast changes for Android users

14:51 26.03.2024

Google Search Console Tests Android App

21:46 21.03.2024

Apple slams DOJ case as misguided attempt to turn iPhone into Android

21:17 21.03.2024

DOJ calls out Apple for breaking iMessage-on-Android solution, Beeper

20:04 21.03.2024

Budgeting app Copilot is booming now that Mint is dead, leading to $6M Series A

17:15 21.03.2024

WhatsApp работает над функцией расшифровки голосовых сообщений для Android

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07:30 19.03.2024

Truecaller adds a new AI feature to detect and block more spam calls

16:12 12.03.2024

Code suggests that TikTok could be building an app for photos

22:33 07.03.2024

Apple will make it easier to move to Android by fall 2025

02:58 06.03.2024

Windows 11 to lose official support for Android apps