iPhone users can share car keys in Wallet with non-iPhone users


Gift Guide: Picking out the right iPad

21:50 30.11.2022

Apple’s iOS update just dropped with security fixes and crash detection improvements

21:22 30.11.2022

BeReal and A.I. art tool Dream by WOMBO top Google Play’s list of best apps in 2022

16:00 30.11.2022

Spotify Wrapped 2022 arrives with new features like your ‘Listening Personality,’ 40K+ Artist Messages

02:05 30.11.2022

Daily Crunch: Apple announces its 2022 App Store Award winners

17:59 29.11.2022

Apple Music launches revamped 2022 Replay experience with new highlight reel

17:00 29.11.2022

Slate’s ‘Slow Burn’ is the winner of Apple’s first podcast award

15:49 29.11.2022

12:33 29.11.2022

Илон Маск заявил об угрозе от Apple удалить Twitter из App Store

12:20 29.11.2022

Apple announces winners of the App Store Awards for 2022

00:18 29.11.2022

Elon Musk’s next trick? Picking a fight with Apple

17:00 28.11.2022

Apple and Huish devise clever pricing model for divers with Oceanic+ app

17:00 28.11.2022

We went diving with the Apple Watch Ultra

00:10 24.11.2022

South Korean financial regulator confirms it is reviewing Apple Pay service for launch

14:41 23.11.2022

Сборщики iPhone устроили протест на заводе в Китае из-за невыплаты сверхурочных и жёстких правил карантина

12:16 23.11.2022

More headaches for Apple in China as protests erupt at Foxconn

10:00 23.11.2022

Артём Журавлёв и Майя Бесерриль, Paygine: как появилась замена Apple и Google Pay

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22:58 22.11.2022

Apple TV+ series ‘Severance’ gets exclusive ‘innie’ and ‘outie’ vinyl records

15:40 22.11.2022

UK confirms antitrust probe of Android-iOS ‘mobile duopoly’ focused on browsers and cloud gaming