12 часов назад

Meta settles lawsuit for ‘significant’ sum against businesses scraping Facebook and Instagram data

12 часов назад

Edited tweets is still a minefield, but Twitter’s solution just might work

15:56 30.09.2022

Social media a factor in death of UK schoolgirl, inquest finds

19:12 29.09.2022

All Facebook and Instagram users in the U.S. can now share NFTs, cross-post between both apps

18:40 29.09.2022

Instagram* навсегда заблокировала страницу Pornhub

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16:00 29.09.2022

Adobe rolls out Photoshop and Premiere Elements 2023 with AI-powered features

11:22 29.09.2022

Meta says ad-free Instagram client The OG App breaks its rules

00:24 29.09.2022

Instagram permanently disabled Pornhub’s account

18:59 27.09.2022

A new Instagram test removes shopping tab from the home screen

16:00 27.09.2022

The OG App promises you an ad-free Instagram feed

01:00 27.09.2022

Meta wants you to create more Instagram and Facebook accounts and hop between them easily

23:03 23.09.2022

Instagram* разрешил выкладывать 60-секундные Stories

22:29 23.09.2022

Instagram Stories under 60 seconds are no longer broken up into clips

22:17 22.09.2022

Facebook users sue Meta, accusing the company of tracking on iOS through a loophole

20:31 22.09.2022

Instagram confirms it’s down for some users, says it’s working on a fix

16:46 22.09.2022

Instagram is developing a nudity filter for direct messages

13:30 22.09.2022

В Иране заблокировали Instagram* и WhatsApp

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23:22 21.09.2022

BeReal experiences a multi-hour outage, refuses to explain

17:18 21.09.2022

Россияне ушли из запрещённых соцсетей, но не пришли в отечественные

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11:30 21.09.2022

В России блогеру грозит наказание за использование Instagram*

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