16:00 27.05.2024

Doly lets you generate 3D product videos from your iPhone

18:17 22.05.2024

Meta’s Ray-Ban smart glasses now let you share images directly to your Instagram Story

21:28 20.05.2024

Meta’s Oversight Board takes its first Threads case

23:35 17.05.2024

Meta’s latest experiment copies BeReal and Snapchat’s core ideas

19:17 16.05.2024

Meta Threads is testing pinned columns on the web, similar to the old TweetDeck

19:17 16.05.2024

ThreadsDeck? Threads in testing pinned columns on the web

13:35 16.05.2024

EU opens child safety probes of Facebook and Instagram, citing addictive design concerns

17:00 15.05.2024

Anthropic hires Instagram co-founder as head of product

06:47 15.05.2024

Threads finally starts its own fact-checking program

17:22 13.05.2024

Instagram expands its creator marketplace to 10 new countries

02:01 08.05.2024

Ofcom to push for better age verification, filters and 40 other checks in new online child safety code

19:34 07.05.2024

Threads is testing cross-posting from Instagram globally

15:19 07.05.2024

TikTok регистрирует в РФ товарные знаки для своего аналога Instagram*

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21:36 03.05.2024

Instagram now lets you post a secret Story that viewers can uncover with a DM

15:06 03.05.2024

Instagram* изменил алгоритм рекомендаций

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18:03 01.05.2024

LinkedIn is the Twitter/X rival no one is talking about

16:00 30.04.2024

Instagram is updating its ranking systems to surface more content from smaller, original creators

13:59 30.04.2024

Meta’s approach to election security in the frame as EU probes Fb, Instagram