21:06 31.05.2023

Instagram tests new user control for recommended posts, transparency tool for creators

09:58 17.05.2023

Meta’s paid verification program is now available in the UK

23:00 15.05.2023

Kevin Systrom explains why Artifact wants to treat writers like the creators they are

00:00 12.05.2023

Meta announces generative AI features for advertisers

13:25 05.05.2023

Meta* тестирует AR-рекламу в Reels и Facebook** Stories

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17:47 03.05.2023

Hackers are increasingly using ChatGPT lures to spread malware on Facebook

11:06 28.04.2023

Пользователи проводят в Instagram* на 24% больше времени благодаря Reels

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18:55 27.04.2023

Appeals court rules in favor of Meta in antitrust case from State AGs

17:50 27.04.2023

Instagram and Facebook will force their checkout experience on Shops soon

01:17 27.04.2023

Meta says time spent on Instagram grew 24% thanks to TikTok-style AI Reel recommendations

20:56 25.04.2023

News app Artifact can now summarize stories using AI, including in fun styles

16:59 25.04.2023

WhatsApp is rolling out multi-device support

18:09 20.04.2023

Wavelength is a new app trying to make group chat suck less

20:19 11.04.2023

Artifact, the news aggregator from Instagram’s co-founders, adds a social discussions feature

20:00 11.04.2023

Instagram adds new features to its creator marketplace, expands access to brand agencies

09:32 11.04.2023

Соцсеть Looky — российский «аналог Instagram*» — привлекла 300 млн рублей от частных инвесторов

18:58 10.04.2023

Twitter Circle tweets are not that private anymore

18:16 05.04.2023

Meta* внедрит ИИ-платформу для создания рекламы в Instagram** 

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20:50 04.04.2023

Using Facebook in the EU? Here’s how to opt out of its creepy ads

14:43 31.03.2023

Импортозаместитель Instagram Росcграм с 25 тыс пользователей пообещал инвесторам 950% прибыли

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