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Is Apple planning to ‘sherlock’ Arc?

20:00 14.05.2024

Apple touts stopping $1.8BN in App Store fraud last year in latest pitch to developers

21:29 13.05.2024

Apple and Google agree on standard to alert people when unknown Bluetooth devices may be tracking them

22:46 10.05.2024

Anthropic’s Claude sees tepid reception on iOS compared with ChatGPT’s debut

20:45 03.05.2024

How to play Pokémon and other Game Boy games on your iPhone

20:34 03.05.2024

10 years in the making, retro game emulator Delta is now #1 on the iOS charts

12:04 03.05.2024

Rutube запускает мобильное приложение для блогеров

18:00 02.05.2024

Apple adds more carve-outs to its EU core tech fee after criticism from devs

22:05 30.04.2024

Twitch’s TikTok-like discovery feed is rolling out to all users

14:00 30.04.2024

Yelp is launching a new AI assistant to help you connect with businesses

16:57 27.04.2024

Apple возобновила переговоры с OpenAI и Google для интеграции ИИ в iPhone

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20:20 24.04.2024

WhatsApp adds global support for passkeys on iOS

15:12 22.04.2024

Mood.camera is an iOS app that feels like using a retro analog camera

10:00 22.04.2024

Ecosia launches a cross-platform browser, starts an affiliate link program

19:56 18.04.2024

How to play Pokémon and other Game Boy games on your iPhone

20:00 16.04.2024

Apple opens web distribution option for iOS devs targeting EU

16:37 16.04.2024

Amazon Music follows Spotify with an AI playlist generator of its own, Maestro

21:19 13.04.2024

Naval Ravikant’s Airchat is a social app built around talk, not text

23:45 10.04.2024

Apple News is testing a game that kind of looks like NYT Connections

19:08 09.04.2024

eBay adds an AI-powered ‘shop the look’ feature to its iOS app