4 часа назад

SigmaOS launches a contextual AI assistant for its browser

9 часов назад

Яндекс впервые опередил Google в поиске для iOS в России


Apple WWDC 2023: Headset rumors, iOS 17 and everything else to expect


Developers of third-party Reddit apps fear shutdown because of API pricing changes

19:17 30.05.2023

Web Roulette is an addictive, ‘swipeable’ web browser for the TikTok era

15:00 30.05.2023

Portal’s Mac app helps users focus with immersive backgrounds and audio

07:02 29.05.2023

Krafton’s popular Battlegrounds Mobile India, successor to PUBG, returns

20:07 18.05.2023

OpenAI launches an official ChatGPT app for iOS

17:51 16.05.2023

Приложение «МКБ Онлайн» станет недоступно на iOS

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16:00 16.05.2023

Read-it-later app Pocket now you lets you create article lists

15:01 16.05.2023

Apple reveals new accessibility features, like custom text-to-speech voices

23:58 15.05.2023

Phone Link for iOS is now available to all Windows 11 users

16:00 11.05.2023

Study says App Store revenue of small developers grew by 71% in last two years

14:48 11.05.2023

Apple’s ATT faces competition probe in Italy

20:49 10.05.2023

Google makes its text-to-music AI public

18:46 03.05.2023

Reddit enhances link embeds and adds more sharing functions on iOS and Android

17:06 02.05.2023

Apple вместе с Google запланировали внедрить в Bluetooth функцию для обнаружения «нежелательных» поисковых маячков

21:47 27.04.2023

YouTube Music officially rolls out podcasts for listeners in the US

19:39 26.04.2023

Microsoft разрешила подключать iPhone с iOS 14 и новее к своему нативному приложению Phone Link в Windows 11

18:53 26.04.2023

iMessage and more finally comes to Windows with global rollout of Phone Link for iOS