17 часов назад

Twitter is adding a new TikTok-like full-screen video feature

22 часа назад

Twitter is rolling out podcasts to Blue subscribers on Android


Удивительная история апгрейда на iOS 16

21:57 27.09.2022

YouTube Shorts adds narration voiceovers, a popular TikTok feature

20:57 27.09.2022

Netflix launches game handles for users of its iOS and Android mobile games

16:00 26.09.2022

Cloudflare launches an eSIM to secure mobile devices

21:22 24.09.2022

Netflix’s edition of Night School’s ‘Oxenfree’ is now available to play on iOS and Android

00:39 23.09.2022

Apple fixes camera shaking issues and the paste permissions bug in today’s iOS 16 update

22:17 22.09.2022

Facebook users sue Meta, accusing the company of tracking on iOS through a loophole

18:26 22.09.2022

Twitter discloses it wasn’t logging users out of accounts after password resets

17:59 20.09.2022

Apple to fix annoying copy and paste bug, camera shaking and more in next week’s iOS 16 update

00:01 20.09.2022

TikTok’s BeReal clone is now available as standalone app outside the U.S.

21:00 17.09.2022

This Week in Apps: iOS 16 takes off, TikTok clones BeReal, social cos go to Congress

01:05 17.09.2022

Daily Crunch: All I can see is you — iOS 16 users enjoy new photo background removal feature

16:44 16.09.2022

iOS 16 users are getting creative with the new background removal feature for photos

21:38 15.09.2022

‘Top Widgets’ soars to No 1 on the App Store, displacing BeReal, as iOS 16 customization takes off

18:08 15.09.2022

Snapchat rolls out iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets with latest app update

11:56 15.09.2022

Apple is rolling out a setup fix for iPhone 14 buyers

22:36 14.09.2022

Apollo’s app brings Reddit to your iOS 16 Lock Screen

21:40 14.09.2022

Facebook’s latest app update brings iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets