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Pigment secures $88 million for its business planning tool that will make you forget about Excel


OpenAI still not training GPT-5, says Sam Altman


Bing Search Tests Short Search Menu With Fewer Options


Bing Chat Temporarily Disables Share Chat Button

20:20 06.06.2023

Microsoft to pay $20M settlement for illegally collecting children’s personal data

17:25 05.06.2023

Microsoft says Clop ransomware gang is behind MOVEit mass-hacks, as first victims come forward

16:45 05.06.2023

Apple WWDC 2023: Headset rumors, iOS 17 and everything else to expect

15:26 05.06.2023

A comprehensive list of 2023 tech layoffs

14:11 02.06.2023

Microsoft: Bing Chat To Work On All Browsers Soon

19:45 01.06.2023

Apple WWDC 2023: Headset rumors, iOS 17 and everything else to expect

18:00 01.06.2023

Microsoft’s AI-powered Designer tool comes to Teams

14:31 31.05.2023

Bing Teases Bing Chat Webmaster Tools Reporting - It's Almost Ready

14:21 31.05.2023

Bing CEO: Google Bard Uses A Much Smaller Model Than Bing Chat

21:45 30.05.2023

Apple WWDC 2023 is next week — here’s what we expect

14:41 26.05.2023

Microsoft pubCenter (Next) Set Up & Configuration

14:41 18.05.2023

Microsoft pubCenter, Google AdSense Alternative, Looking To Expand?

14:21 18.05.2023

Bing Chat Rolling Out Not Signed In Access With Limited Chat Sessions

14:51 17.05.2023

Example Of Microsoft Start Partner Label In Bing Chat Results

14:41 17.05.2023

Bing Chat Rolls Out Some Features It Announced Earlier This Month

09:10 16.05.2023

Еврокомиссия одобрила покупку разработчика игр Activision Blizzard корпорацией Microsoft

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