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ИИ-стартап Маска x.AI займет на бирже $1 млрд

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TC+ Roundup: Amazon is not the AI leader

18 часов назад

Bing’s new ‘Deep Search’ feature offers more comprehensive answers to complex search queries

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EnCharge raises $22.6M to commercialize its AI-accerating chips


A comprehensive list of 2023 tech layoffs

20:10 01.12.2023

Microsoft is in talks with partners about launching an Xbox mobile store

13:11 01.12.2023

Benchmark, the storied venture firm, sees “traps” in today’s AI funding frenzy: “Don’t be Microsoft”

19:00 30.11.2023

A comprehensive list of 2023 tech layoffs

04:51 30.11.2023

Sam Altman’s officially back at OpenAI — and the board gains a Microsoft observer

15:21 29.11.2023

GPT-4 Turbo Coming To Microsoft Copilot / Bing Chat

15:41 28.11.2023

Bing Chat / Microsoft Copilot Mode Usage: Balanced 70%, Creative & Precise 15% Each

00:10 28.11.2023

A comprehensive list of 2023 tech layoffs

22:18 22.11.2023

North Korea-backed hackers target CyberLink users in supply-chain attack

15:18 22.11.2023

OpenAI will benefit from unity of purpose with Sam Altman’s return

11:03 22.11.2023

Нейросеть от «Сбера» интегрировали в отечественный аналог Microsoft Office

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06:50 21.11.2023

04:22 21.11.2023

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella suggests that Sam Altman might return to OpenAI

00:00 21.11.2023

Don’t expect competition authorities to wade into the Microsoft-OpenAI power-play — yet

21:43 20.11.2023

With Functional Source License, Sentry wants to grant developers freedom ‘without harmful free-riding’

18:32 20.11.2023

Microsoft stock recovers from weekend decline after hiring OpenAI’s leaders