11 час назад

‘God of War: Ragnarök’ sets a strong example for next-gen gaming accessibility options

19 часов назад

When big AI labs refuse to open source their models, the community steps in


CipherMode Labs launches open source solution to protect data without encryption expertise


Bing Autocomplete Search Bar With Trending, Related & People Also Ask

17:41 17.05.2022

Microsoft joins Salesforce, Google and IBM in offering sustainability tracking products

20:26 16.05.2022

Sony confirms its new PlayStation Plus tiers will launch on June 13, reveals list of games

18:00 16.05.2022

Microsoft is turning Ally.io acquisition into Viva Goals module

16:58 16.05.2022

Tech giants pledge $30M to boost open source software security

14:34 16.05.2022

Bing Moves Explore More On Left Side

14:22 16.05.2022

Spammers Ruined Bing's Anonymous Sitemap Submissions, Microsoft Deprecated It

14:34 13.05.2022

Bing Top Rated Tutors Carousel Through Microsoft TakeLessons

14:22 12.05.2022

Microsoft Tests Bing Interesting Reads

19:14 11.05.2022

With new serverless database, Cloudflare gets serious about infrastructure services

14:43 11.05.2022

Bing Wikipedia Box In Search Results Now Scrolls On Hover

15:07 10.05.2022

Silicon Valley rallies behind New York ban on geofence and keyword search warrants

14:12 09.05.2022

Bing "See Results For" Search Feature On Left Side Bar

12:50 06.05.2022

00:29 06.05.2022

Fortnite is back on iOS through Xbox Cloud Gaming

18:07 05.05.2022

Apple, Google и Microsoft запустят единый стандарт беспарольной аутентификации

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