21:00 28.02.2024

Former Snap design lead debuts Shader, an AR creation tool that uses AI to generate custom effects

21:10 21.02.2024

NodeShift wants to challenge the hyperscalers with its decentralized cloud

16:00 21.02.2024

India’s PhonePe launches Android app store with Amazon, Meta and Microsoft apps

19:21 15.02.2024

YouTube now lets you integrate music videos into your Shorts

00:01 14.02.2024

Akamai extends its edge-computing platform as it looks to challenge AWS, Azure and GCP

17:00 08.02.2024

Crux is building GenAI-powered business intelligence tools

16:00 08.02.2024

Google goes all in on its Gemini model, launches $20 paid tier for Gemini Ultra

14:16 08.02.2024

Meta challenges EU’s Digital Services Act supervisory fee as unfair

22:21 06.02.2024

As Bluesky opens to the public, CEO Jay Graber faces her biggest challenge yet

12:57 06.02.2024

Vesuvius Challenge

21:00 27.01.2024

Can AI do ugly?

17:00 24.01.2024

Arcee is a secure, enterprise-focused platform for building GenAI

10:31 23.01.2024

Germany’s Instagrid, which uses software to supercharge portable batteries, raises $95M

16:30 19.01.2024

OpenAI signs up its first higher education customer, Arizona State

21:56 11.01.2024

CNDO is a new ‘challenge-based’ social networking for creators and fans

09:00 11.01.2024

Meta faces another EU privacy challenge over ‘pay for privacy’ consent choice

17:00 04.01.2024

Software supply chain security remains a challenge for most enterprises

22:30 22.12.2023

Once again, Etsy’s layoffs come at no surprise

15:22 04.12.2023

Meta faces $600M competition damages claim in Spain as media owners pursue privacy breach lawsuit

20:55 30.11.2023

Drug discovery startup Pepper Bio hopes to challenge Eroom’s law with new funding