6 часов назад

Revolut to allow users to donate to the homeless via the Beam crowdfunding platform

8 часов назад

Tiger Global leads new funding in savings and investments app Jar

15 часов назад

How to Build an Effective Digital Marketing Team with Truman Hedding

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Anthony Hopkins sees NFTs as ‘art in a new format’


As digital tracking wanes, companies turn to online communities for direct access to customers

16:00 16.08.2022

Qeepsake, a journaling app that helps families capture and store memories, raises $2M

13:07 16.08.2022

YC-backed Arc, a digital bank for ‘high-growth’ SaaS startups, lands $20M Series A

15:11 15.08.2022

Galaxy Digital calls off its $1.2 billion acquisition of BitGo

11:05 15.08.2022

Pastel, a Nigerian bookkeeping and digital platform for merchants, raises $5.5M led by TLcom

16:00 14.08.2022

3D в digital: всё о трендах в цифровом дизайне

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11:00 13.08.2022

Digital pensions platform Penfold raises $8.5M Series A led by Bridford Group

01:49 12.08.2022

Digital health unicorn Truepill conducts third round of layoffs in 2022

00:00 12.08.2022

How digital health startups are navigating the post-Roe legal landscape

22:42 11.08.2022

Mark Cuban, Mavericks in hot water over Voyager “Ponzi scheme”

21:42 11.08.2022

FTC sets the wheels in motion for a major data privacy ruling

16:05 10.08.2022

Jump Crypto leads Injective’s $40M round to help expand DeFi applications

14:13 10.08.2022

India nudges lending apps to provide greater transparency, control to consumers

21:15 09.08.2022

Copyright law is going to get real interesting, y’all

17:00 09.08.2022

Spotify’s Soundtrap app for musicians introduces live collaboration and auto save

18:23 08.08.2022

Lyft creates media division to cash in on in-car ads