23:38 11.06.2018

Palmer Luckey’s defense company Anduril is already leading to arrests at the southern border

18:53 15.05.2018

Music payments startup Exactuals debuts r.ai, a “Palantir for music royalties”

12:17 28.03.2018

Palantir confirms a staff link with Cambridge Analytica

13:34 28.08.2017

Дело не в резюме: как я смог добиться собеседований в Palantir и Dropbox

19:53 05.07.2017

Проект Wafer получит $50 тысяч как победитель хакатона BlockchainHack

1,052 firrma.ru

16:00 28.06.2017

Гришин, Шакира и Неймар вложились в игровую платформу Wonder

1,966 firrma.ru

14:00 08.06.2017

Addepar raises $140 million so more of the ultra rich can know exactly what they’re doing with their money

23:05 23.05.2017

Merlon Intelligence raises $7.65 million in seed financing to combat money laundering

00:56 26.04.2017

Palantir settles racial discrimination lawsuit with the Department of Labor

02:43 23.02.2017

New details emerge about Palantir’s custom software for spy agencies

23:00 01.02.2017

The top unicorns are overvalued

22:43 18.01.2017

Tech employees protest in front of Palantir HQ over fears it will build Trump’s Muslim registry

00:08 13.01.2017

With billions of dollars at stake, Merck and Palantir partner to discover drugs faster

21:34 08.12.2016

Joe Lonsdale pours $4.55M for alcohol IoT startup Nectar

21:27 24.11.2016

Big data company Palantir quietly raised another $20M in November

01:43 15.10.2016

Palantir says it didn’t racially discriminate against Asian people

06:00 28.09.2016

Crunch Report | DJI releases its new drone, the Mavic Pro

01:39 27.09.2016

U.S. Department of Labor sues Palantir for racial discrimination

19:14 15.09.2016

Uber, Dropbox, Airbnb и другие компании создадут единые стандарты кибербезопасности

14:59 13.09.2016

Sourcery raised $5 million to help restaurants and food vendors deal with each other, and not lost receipts or invoices