22:50 16.05.2024

X pushes more users to Communities

19:17 16.05.2024

Meta Threads is testing pinned columns on the web, similar to the old TweetDeck

19:17 16.05.2024

ThreadsDeck? Threads in testing pinned columns on the web

15:08 16.05.2024

EU ‘closely’ monitoring X in wake of Fico shooting as DSA disinfo probe rumbles on

02:10 15.05.2024

Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI co-founder and longtime chief scientist, departs

22:35 09.05.2024

Google built some of the first social apps for Android, including Twitter and others

18:16 06.05.2024

Dorsey leaves Bluesky, tech giants do more with less, and the next IPO

22:05 03.05.2024

Musk raises $6B for AI startup. Also, is TikTok dodging Apple’s commissions?

18:03 01.05.2024

LinkedIn is the Twitter/X rival no one is talking about

17:10 29.04.2024

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone joins Mastodon’s new U.S. non-profit’s board

22:05 26.04.2024

So are we banning TikTok or what? Also: Can an influencer really tank an $800M company?

07:01 25.04.2024

Mark Zuckerberg says Threads has 150 million monthly active users

19:17 23.04.2024

X is launching a TV app for videos ‘soon’

22:13 19.04.2024

Post News, the a16z-funded Twitter alternative, is shutting down

14:53 19.04.2024

Apple pulls WhatsApp, Threads from China App Store following state order

22:43 17.04.2024

AirChat, the buzzy new social app, could be great – or, it could succumb to the same fate as Clubhouse

21:51 16.04.2024

A crypto wallet maker’s warning about an iMessage bug sounds like a false alarm

18:00 16.04.2024

Substack’s Notes feature is getting more Twitter-like capabilities

17:27 16.04.2024

Илон Маск вводит плату за публикацию постов в X (Twitter)

388 likeni.ru

18:55 11.04.2024

Lyrak to take on X by combining the best of Twitter with fediverse integration