9 часов назад

Twitter expands access to its experimental Status feature…but not to its paid subscribers

11 час назад

Edited tweets is still a minefield, but Twitter’s solution just might work

13 часов назад

Twitter’s edit button is rolling out to Blue subscribers in Canada, Australia and New Zealand

14 часов назад

YouTube is asking some users to purchase a Premium subscription to watch in 4K

19 часов назад

Google Shopping Chat Feature On Product Results

23:15 01.10.2022

Meta plans hiring freeze, NASA shoots an asteroid, and Elon’s texts about Twitter are made public

21:00 01.10.2022

This Week in Apps: Google goes visual, Twitter copies TikTok, OG app drama

20:58 30.09.2022

Twitter is rolling out a refreshed user interface for DMs on Android

14:11 30.09.2022

Google: Page Speed Issues Wouldn't Lead To Your Site Being Removed From Google Search

02:56 30.09.2022

Here are some of the cringiest revelations in the Elon Musk text dump

22:19 29.09.2022

Twitter is adding a new TikTok-like full-screen video feature

17:21 29.09.2022

Twitter is rolling out podcasts to Blue subscribers on Android

11:22 29.09.2022

Meta says ad-free Instagram client The OG App breaks its rules

14:11 28.09.2022

Google's John Mueller Offers To Review Part Of Your Presentation For Accuracy

00:06 27.09.2022

Twitter’s first comms exec is building a comms network for execs

14:51 23.09.2022

Google De-Duplicates Search Results Based On Almost Duplicates

18:26 22.09.2022

Twitter discloses it wasn’t logging users out of accounts after password resets

18:07 22.09.2022

Twitter allows more researchers to access platform data

16:01 21.09.2022

Block Party, a tool to combat online harassment, raises a $4.8M seed

19:33 20.09.2022

Nintendo is ending support for account logins via Facebook and Twitter