4 часа назад

Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft и Google анонсировали запуск проекта для взаимной передачи данных

6 часов назад

Facebook, Google and more unite to let you transfer data between apps

21 час назад

Walmart acquiring Shopify is no longer a laughable idea


British Airways shows everyone how not to GDPR


And now, here’s a ‘Trumpy Cat’ augmented reality app from George Takei

22:30 18.07.2018

Russian indictments show that the U.S. needs federal oversight of election security

15:04 18.07.2018

Google Automatically Recognizes Broad Site Changes

13:50 18.07.2018

Elon Musk kinda apologizes for calling Thai cave rescuer a ‘pedo’

01:21 18.07.2018

Twitter is holding off on fixing verification policy to focus on election integrity

21:28 17.07.2018

Dems and GOP unite, slamming Facebook for allowing violent Pages

18:30 17.07.2018

House Rep suggests converting Facebook into a public utility

18:29 17.07.2018

Founder and investor Elad Gil has a new book that aims to help startups with their later-stage challenges — before they get to that point

14:37 17.07.2018

Google Search Tests Hotel Prices By Day Chart

19:06 16.07.2018

Kapwing is Adobe for the meme generation

14:40 16.07.2018

Matt Cutts Asked Mozcon Not To Bring In Black Hat Speakers

14:28 16.07.2018

Upcoming Events In Google Local Knowledge Panel

14:20 16.07.2018

Google My Business Insights Search Queries Report Coming Still

02:04 16.07.2018

A list of ten things that billionaire owners of EV, clean energy and rocket companies should and should not tweet

19:19 13.07.2018

Google Мой бизнес позволил добавлять кнопку звонка в записи в поиске

14:50 13.07.2018

Search Console Search Analytics API Increased Max Results / Rows To 25,000