21 час назад

Instagram Threads search now supports ‘all languages’ in latest update

01:32 29.11.2023

Polestar’s climate bot isn’t really a bot. It’s better that way.

06:34 23.11.2023

Elon Musk says X will show headlines on the platform again

18:46 22.11.2023

Mastodon tackles the problem of ‘reply guys’ with its latest feature

18:06 22.11.2023

X loses Paris Hilton’s 11:11 Media partnership in latest brand pull-out

01:08 22.11.2023

Yup hacks together a cross-posting app for X, Threads, Bluesky and others

05:04 21.11.2023

Elon Musk’s ‘thermonuclear’ lawsuit over hate-adjacent ads on X… actually confirms them

20:09 20.11.2023

Advertiser exodus expected to deeply impact X ad revenue, analysis indicates

18:55 20.11.2023

Apple, Disney, Comcast among X advertisers pausing spending after Musk endorsed antisemitic post

17:55 20.11.2023

Most of OpenAI’s employees threaten to quit if Sam Altman isn’t reappointed CEO

03:21 18.11.2023

Greg Brockman quits OpenAI after abrupt firing of Sam Altman

23:55 17.11.2023

Backlash builds after Elon Musk called an antisemitic conspiracy theory the ‘actual truth’

23:30 17.11.2023

What is Bluesky? Everything to know about the app trying to replace Twitter

15:52 17.11.2023

Change in X’s terms indicate EU researchers will get API access

15:05 17.11.2023

Danny Sullivan Posts His Google Search Presentation On X

00:09 17.11.2023

X rival Bluesky hits 2M users, says federation coming ‘early next year’

01:55 16.11.2023

Threads starts testing hashtags…without the hash

21:49 15.11.2023

Ads watchdog files FTC complaint against X, formerly Twitter, over unlabeled ads

23:15 14.11.2023

What is Bluesky? Everything to know about the app trying to replace Twitter

17:18 14.11.2023

X says 325K posts and 375K accounts ‘actioned’ over Israel-Hamas war violations