17:47 30.11.2022

CommonGround raises $25M for immersive video avatar technology that doesn’t rely on VR gear

21:00 29.11.2022

For $20 a month, you can host meetings in Mozilla’s mini metaverse

21:18 28.11.2022

Регулятор Ирландии оштрафовал Facebook* на €265 млн за утечку данных 533 млн пользователей

17:11 28.11.2022

Meta hit with $275M GDPR penalty for Facebook data-scraping breach

22:28 23.11.2022

College social app Fizz is growing fast – maybe too fast

18:19 21.11.2022

Meta rolls out new privacy updates for teens on Instagram and Facebook

21:51 17.11.2022

Facebook is removing several information fields from profiles, including religious and political views

12:34 11.11.2022

Facebook, TikTok, Twitter failed election integrity test in Kenya’s elections

21:33 10.11.2022

«Зумеры скрестили Instagram* и LinkedIn»: как выглядит новое приложение для нетворкинга Pineapple

16:27 09.11.2022

Filing: Meta slashes expenses on reduced hiring and capex investments

14:26 09.11.2022

Meta confirms 11,000 layoffs, amounting to 13% of its workforce

16:16 03.11.2022

Meta India head Ajit Mohan departs to join Snap

01:00 03.11.2022

Instagram will soon allow select creators to make and sell NFTs directly in its app

18:36 02.11.2022

Meta to ditch human-curated Facebook News stories globally

21:46 01.11.2022

Facebook expands its professional mode profile setting to all creators globally

19:10 01.11.2022

Heylo wants to help you build your own little social circles for events

18:39 31.10.2022

Forget the metaverse: Meta should make a new Twitter

23:10 27.10.2022

Meta is in trouble

01:22 27.10.2022

Y’all really made Mark Zuckerberg defend himself to investors because of your memes

14:39 25.10.2022

Скриншот против гипертекста