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19:14 21.09.2023

Facebook rolls out multiple personal profiles feature

21:39 20.09.2023

Meta targeted for fresh UK gov’t warning against E2E encryption for Messenger, Instagram

08:45 20.09.2023

Meta is expanding its verification program to businesses

13:10 19.09.2023

MigRun wants to simplify the process of immigrating to a new country

08:00 14.09.2023

Российская компания оспаривает товарный знак Meta

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17:27 07.09.2023

Snapchat adds new minor safety features, cracks down on age-inappropriate content

16:13 05.09.2023

Meta to deprecate Facebook News in the U.K., Germany, and France

06:50 04.09.2023

Facebook* и Instagram* запустят платную подписку без рекламы

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23:31 29.08.2023

Meta shut down a disinformation campaign tied to Chinese law enforcement

17:14 29.08.2023

WhatsApp launches its native macOS app

14:40 25.08.2023

All hail the new EU law that lets social media users quiet quit the algorithm

17:01 23.08.2023

WhatsApp now lets users create groups without names

13:22 23.08.2023

15:29 22.08.2023

Meta confirms AI ‘off-switch’ incoming to Facebook, Instagram in Europe

17:31 17.08.2023

WhatsApp adds support for HD photos, says HD video coming ‘soon’

14:31 16.08.2023

Add Social Media Links To Your Google Business Profiles

23:51 15.08.2023

X, formerly Twitter, slows down access to Threads, The New York Times, Bluesky and more

17:00 08.08.2023

WhatsApp introduces screen-sharing during video calls

00:07 05.08.2023

SoftBank sues IRL over ‘elaborate scheme’ that swallowed $150M