The Supreme Court could decide the fate of content moderation — or it could punt

18:46 22.02.2024

Spotify follows Meta, YouTube and others by offering AUX, a service to connect brands and creators

16:30 22.02.2024

AddGlow takes on Reddit, Facebook with community-building software for brands

16:00 22.02.2024

Meta’s Oversight Board extends its scope to Threads

20:08 21.02.2024

Meta tests cross-posting from Facebook to its Twitter/X competitor, Threads

23:33 18.02.2024

Family tragedy for former YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki

19:49 15.02.2024

Meta says it will pass on the Apple tax to advertisers paying to boost posts on Facebook and Instagram

21:10 08.02.2024

EU’s draft election security guidelines for tech giants take aim at political deepfakes

16:00 06.02.2024

Meta to expand labelling of AI generated imagery in election-packed year

22:10 05.02.2024

Meta cuts off third-party access to Facebook Groups, leaving developers and customers in disarray

14:00 05.02.2024

Oversight Board calls on Meta to rewrite ‘incoherent’ rules against faked videos

20:07 31.01.2024

Mark Zuckerberg says Apple and Google should manage parental consent for apps, not Meta

14:00 25.01.2024

Meta is rolling out tighter teen messaging limitations and parental controls

18:57 24.01.2024

Court rules in favor of a web scraper, Bright Data, which Meta had used and then sued

17:22 20.01.2024

Про ситуацию с Мазепой и вообще

22:57 19.01.2024

TikTok usage is starting to slow — is TikTok Shop to blame?

20:13 19.01.2024

Meta’s content moderator subcontractor model faces legal squeeze in Spain

06:50 19.01.2024

Госорганам запретят размещать рекламу в Instagram* и Facebook*

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09:00 11.01.2024

Meta faces another EU privacy challenge over ‘pay for privacy’ consent choice

14:48 16.12.2023

Экс-директор по инклюзивности обокрала Facebook* на $4 млн

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