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Apple might partner with Meta on AI

13:52 31.05.2024

Spain bans Meta from launching election features on Facebook, Instagram over privacy fears

21:28 20.05.2024

Meta’s Oversight Board takes its first Threads case

19:33 16.05.2024

With the end of Workspace, it’s fair to wonder if Meta was ever serious about the enterprise

13:35 16.05.2024

EU opens child safety probes of Facebook and Instagram, citing addictive design concerns

06:47 15.05.2024

Threads finally starts its own fact-checking program

18:34 14.05.2024

Meta is shutting down Workplace, its enterprise communications business

18:34 14.05.2024

Sources: Meta is shutting down Workplace, its enterprise communications business

13:59 30.04.2024

Meta’s approach to election security in the frame as EU probes Fb, Instagram

23:37 25.04.2024

Why Meta is looking to the fediverse as the future for social media

21:52 24.04.2024

Radical thinks the time has come for solar-powered, high-altitude autonomous aircraft

15:00 20.04.2024

India’s election overshadowed by the rise of online misinformation

19:00 19.04.2024

TechCrunch Minute: Meta’s new Llama 3 models give open-source AI a boost

19:00 18.04.2024

Meta adds its AI chatbot, powered by Llama 3, to the search bar across its apps

16:00 17.04.2024

EU privacy body adopts view on Meta’s controversial ‘consent or pay’ tactic

13:01 16.04.2024

Meta’s Oversight Board probes explicit AI-generated images posted on Instagram and Facebook

15:57 15.04.2024

Meta’s ‘consent or pay’ tactic must not prevail over privacy, EU rights groups warn

00:25 05.04.2024

Facebook’s Oculus acquisition turns 10

19:34 03.04.2024

Facebook takes on TikTok with a new, vertical-first video player

22:09 02.04.2024

Meta (again) denies that Netflix read users’ private Facebook messages