14:43 20.09.2018

Facebook and Airbnb told to change their ToS to fix EU consumer rights issues by year’s end

13:00 20.09.2018

Inside Facebook Dating, launching today first in Colombia

10:18 20.09.2018

Google значительно расширил запуск mobile-first индексации

21:37 19.09.2018

Facebook plans voter drive, partners with Democratic/Republican Institutes

10:46 19.09.2018

VR&AR возможности и будущее

10:42 19.09.2018

РКН проверит Twitter и Facebook в декабре

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19:17 18.09.2018

Instagram will promote mid-term voting with stickers, registration info

18:00 18.09.2018

Framer X design tool steps in the ring with InVision, Adobe, and Sketch

17:43 18.09.2018

Facebook named in suit alleging job ads on its platform unlawfully discriminated against women

16:26 18.09.2018

Роскомнадзор начнет проверки Twitter и Facebook в декабре

01:01 18.09.2018

Facebook pilots new political campaign security tools — just 50 days before Election Day

22:30 17.09.2018

Instagram Shopping gets personalized Explore channel, Stories tags

19:01 17.09.2018

Facebook expands bug bounty program to third-party apps and websites

18:45 17.09.2018

Жизнь после «Лайфа»: Сулейманов, Потапов и Могутин покидают Life.ru

12:18 17.09.2018

Соцсеть Path от экс-сотрудников Facebook и Napster закроется после восьми лет работы

10:52 17.09.2018

Mobile social network Path, once a challenger to Facebook, is closing down

03:06 17.09.2018

Follow the Local SEO Leaders: A Guide to Our Industry’s Best Publications

13:24 16.09.2018

Facebook is hiring a director of human rights policy to work on “conflict prevention” and “peace-building”

00:48 15.09.2018

Three years later, Let’s Encrypt now secures 75% of the web