21:11 18.10.2018

There’s now proof that quantum computers can outperform classical machines

20:18 18.10.2018

Google Maps’ ETA sharing feature hits iOS

20:00 18.10.2018

Google improves Android App Bundles and makes building Instant Apps easier

20:00 18.10.2018

Twilio launches a new SIM card and narrowband dev kit for IoT developers

19:57 18.10.2018

A ton of people don’t know that Facebook owns WhatsApp

19:18 18.10.2018

Why so many tech companies are creating shows

19:16 18.10.2018

Сбербанк записали в число потенциальных совладельцев «Яндекса»

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19:15 18.10.2018

Apple’s holding another big event October 30

19:10 18.10.2018

СМИ: «Сбербанк» ведет переговоры о покупке 30% компании «Яндекс»

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19:07 18.10.2018

Square unveils the Square Terminal, designed to replace old keypad credit card machines

19:05 18.10.2018

Embracing multimodality, Uber pioneers ride recommendations

19:03 18.10.2018

Google launches compose actions to streamline access to SaaS apps in GMail

19:00 18.10.2018

Future Family raises $10M to make fertility treatments more affordable

18:55 18.10.2018

Call for social media adtech to be probed by UK competition watchdog

18:31 18.10.2018

Alexa’s new Whisper Mode goes live

18:30 18.10.2018

YouTube partners with Eventbrite to sell concert tickets on music videos

18:30 18.10.2018

Мода будущего: киберзрение, роботы и искусственный интеллект в показе Mercedes-Benz I-INCLUSIVE

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18:08 18.10.2018

Amplifyher Ventures launches to fund startups led by women

18:06 18.10.2018