56 минут назад

Taxfix, the $1B German accounting startup, slashes 120 jobs amid funding crunch

3 часа назад

Elizabeth Holmes is now behind bars: how we got here

5 часов назад

Meet the Aerospace Corporation, AMD, Torc and more at Disrupt

8 часов назад

Arcimoto’s latest teeny-tiny EV is all work and no play

9 часов назад

Qflow raises $9.1M to track construction receipts, making it easier to de-carbonize

10 часов назад

UpCodes launches Copilot, an AI-based research assistant for building codes

12 часов назад

Startup Battlefield 200 applications close tomorrow

13 часов назад

Serve Robotics to deploy up to 2,000 sidewalk delivery bots on Uber Eats

14 часов назад

Blackrock, a minority investor in Byju’s, cuts startup valuation to $8.4 billion

15 часов назад

First they worked in tandem, now they’re in an e-bike patent suit


Sape для РБК Pro: Почему «острова свободы» в корпорациях редко создают прорывные инновации

19:00 27.05.2023

Deal Dive: Why this startup chose to sell itself over raising a Series A

20:00 26.05.2023

TechCrunch+ roundup: South Korea investor survey, 1-hour board meetings, venture leasing basics

18:36 26.05.2023

Sam Altman shares his optimistic view of our AI future

22:20 18.05.2023

Where remote driving startup Phantom Auto has found new funding and customers

22:05 18.05.2023

Hear how Sensi.AI is building AI for remote patient monitoring

21:05 18.05.2023

‘Infinite recycling’ startup Samsara Eco partners with Lululemon

16:23 18.05.2023

Фонд HR&ED-tech и The Orbit запустили проект для поддержки стартапов на рынках Индии, Ближнего Востока и Северной Африки

08:03 18.05.2023

Pale Blue Dot backs Amini, an African climate tech startup solving environmental data scarcity

21:00 17.05.2023

Ask Sophie: Which visas are best for U.S. startup accelerators?