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Capsule’s new app combines AI and human editors to curate the news

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Big wins for Latin America, climate tech momentum, and Rover’s $2.3B sale

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Долина Стартапов

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Anduril unveils Roadrunner, “a fighter jet weapon that lands like a Falcon 9”

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Defense startup Epirus CEO leaving to take new job at a public company

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Makers of popular Dream by Wombo AI app launch a new app for AI avatars

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Drug discovery startup Pepper Bio hopes to challenge Eroom’s law with new funding


Clayful, a startup that helps students connect to mental health experts within 60 seconds, raises $7M


Again Bio’s bacteria eats exhaust and spits vinegar (for the climate)


Nucleos puts secure, tablet-powered education in the hands of inmates


Salesforce Ventures and Female Founders Fund back Kenyan climate-tech Amini in $4M seed round


Tech-enabled warehousing startup Huboo raises another $36.6M amid continued e-commerce growth


One year later, ChatGPT is still alive and kicking


NomuPay, formed out of Wirecard’s ashes, acquires Total Processing for tooling and customer service


A timeline of Sam Altman’s firing from OpenAI — and the fallout


SpaceX acquires parachute company for $2.2M – because it turns out space-rated parachutes are very hard


Loft Orbital is launching “virtual missions” for developers wanting access to space


Call for content: Speak at TechCrunch Early Stage 2024

19:32 29.11.2023

Together lands $102.5M investment to grow its cloud for training generative AI

18:41 29.11.2023

Byju’s expects minimal or no fine from India’s forex rule violation allegation